We all know that we came for reasons .

Finding of reasons sometimes we lost are self.

Welcome to my world gyes.

It’s akiieslife🤗🤗🤗

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My bra story

Every girl have her bra story a bra story the, story of hitting puberty or we can say that a new clothes comes in life few girls curious about it and few are scared about it . As a girl I was nutral for all this things. I was not curious not scared but yeahContinue reading “My bra story”

Lesson from 2021

Firstaffol , happy new year this year has tought me many positive and negative things . Few new people came and gone and they leave with a lesson . A lesson which is for my future life but with that this lessons my heart had many questions. Their is saying that with your loving onesContinue reading “Lesson from 2021”

Never ever thought

When I was young I thought growing up would be a exciting journey. Between the age of 1 to 15 the world used to look very strange . Every movement seems like it was made for something new . Slowly when I started to understand things little bit , one by one the questions startedContinue reading “Never ever thought”

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