We all know that we came for reasons .

Finding of reasons sometimes we lost are self.

Welcome to my world gyes.

It’s akiieslife🤗🤗🤗

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I am feeling lost

Thousands of thoughts crossing in my mind. Some thoughts are striking like hell. What the hell is going on. I am in shit situation or I am shitty person. All the things which are going in my mind are not so worthless but still has lots of carbage in it . The carbage need toContinue reading “I am feeling lost”

Back to study

Recently I joined the collage for very 1st day of college it’s was horreble it just like all the teaching staff is just available to pressurized the students . Thire is too much is going in my mind . 1st affole it’s long gap my last blok was in previous month I guess. There isContinue reading “Back to study”

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