We all know that we came for reasons .

Finding of reasons sometimes we lost are self.

Welcome to my world gyes.

It’s akiieslife🤗🤗🤗

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The word soulmate define the person who is actually made just for you . No matter how long distance between you and your partner . The loveing one always stays close to you in your heart . No physical touch required to feel the person just a memories or a person picture is enough toContinue reading “Soulmate”

Me and my hairs

Yes, Me and my hair have bondWe both are natural beutiful and strongWe both have suffered at theHands of those who didn’t know how to treat usWe also have those one who love us most in wolrd and that one is wolrd for are both We both love being touched with care and love.

When I was growing kid girl I always try to learn how to make my self my 1st priority. But always other people used to take that place that I always desire to give to myself. There is bit of sadness pinch of happiness with bambarded feelings of breakdown. The kid that wanted to learnContinue reading

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  2. Myself
  3. I am
  4. Mine

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